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    Tokyo, Japan

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In collaboration with a local Japanese architect and contractor, SPD Meiji, this 3-level penthouse is situated within a 12-storey apartment tower in the heart of Tokyo. Our design vision was to create an oasis within the busy city, drawing on inspiration from the local landscape to foster a calm and relaxing aesthetic within the apartment. Our design pays homage to traditional Japanese design elements, modernising them for luxury apartment living.

The resolution of the apartment planning emphasises a sense of connection across the three levels. A series of central voids and skylights bring natural light into the heart of the lowest levels, with circulation centred around these light-filled voids. The lowest level of the apartment houses the private bedrooms, bathrooms and study areas.

The second level is more open, with a large double-height living area with a kitchen and dining area adjacent. The third level links to the rooftop garden and is an entertaining space housing a bar area and lounge. This level also includes bridge access to the expansive library shelves surrounding the double-height void within the living room.

Project Leadership
Jun Sakaguchi

Studio Director

Kate Callanan

Studio Director

Jessica Borgeaud


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