Architecture Completed Sydney Education Public & Tourism
  • Client:

    Taronga Conservation Society Australia

  • Location:

    Taronga Zoo, Mosman, NSW Australia

The Taronga Zoo Chimpanzee Facility is world renowned as one of the most successful captive breeding groups of its kind in the world. As environmental, economic and political pressures endanger native animal habitats across the globe, sites like these continue to play a critical role in the survival of species.


Chimpanzees are agile, dynamic creatures, and are known to have up to seven times the strength of a human being. The design challenge for the chimpanzee exhibit was to keep the animals safely enclosed while creating an environment that would provide them with the variety and challenges experienced in the wild.

The Chimpanzee Exhibit is one of many exhibits designed and completed by Jackson Teece at Taronga, all of which contribute to the ongoing success of the zoo and the work it does for animals and the environment.


Trevor Williams

Senior Associate

The most striking visible feature of the exhibit is the new separation enclosure, designed as an aviary structure, providing the chimps a three dimensional climbing experience and immersive views for visitors from the Interpretive Building. To create the illusion that the visitor has entered the domain of the Chimpanzee, sheets of non-reflective armoured glass are used to join the Separation Enclosure and safely immerse the visitor in the chimpanzee experience. The Separation Enclosure’s parallel function is to facilitate the introduction of new arrivals and the managed reintroduction of maturing sub-adult males. Our designs also extend to the refurbished Night House and animal husbandry facilities back-of-house.