Architecture Completed Sydney Multi Residential
  • Client:

    BaptistCare / Lendlease

  • Location:

    Fivedock, NSW Australia

  • Budget:

    30 Million

  • Size:


The client brief to Jackson Teece was to provide a safe living environment and homes with high amenity for single mothers and their children who have fallen victims of domestic violence.


This community housing location comprises 79 dwellings over two, four storey buildings with a common basement car park, communal room, an office and meeting space, as well as communal outdoor areas.

The design creates a high level of amenity within a safe and pleasant living environment. And the inclusion of accessible communal facilities and secure outdoor areas provides safe and comfortable collection spaces that meet the many needs of those living here. All units have been designed to Liveable Housing Design Guidelines Silver Level. During our close collaboration with Lendlease throughout the design process, development project details and specifications have been established to serve as a template and prototype for future Lendlease social and affordable housing projects.

The individual building entries are located diagonally opposite each other and are reached via a path leading through a landscaped forecourt. The smaller building A to the west is accessed via an external lobby, one lift and an external breezeway. The larger building B to the east features two lifts, a generous lobby and double sided corridors with access to natural light and ventilation on each level. Beyond the forecourt and building lobbies, a second secure access leads to the communal outdoor areas. The communal room and office are located immediately adjacent to the outdoor area providing a functional relationship and optimal sightlines for passive supervision. The apartments located on the ground floor have direct access to private open landscaped spaces.

As well as offering a safe community for at-risk seniors and women, the design incorporates significant sustainability features, with 70% of all units achieving a minimum of two hour solar access between 9am and 3pm in mid-winter and 62% of all units receiving natural cross ventilation. This extensive inclusion of renewables and considered air circulation is an essential aspect of this community-positive space.

Project Leadership
Simo Corda

Senior Associate

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