Commercial Hospitality Completed Sydney Interior Design
  • Client:

    Club Five Dock

  • Location:

    Five Dock, NSW Australia

  • Budget:

    7 Million

  • Size:


Club Five Dock RSL in Sydney’s inner west is a hub for dining and community. Jackson Teece was engaged to create a new full-floor complex that included the removal of an existing roof level auditorium and restaurant.


The facility now houses a restaurant, casual dining area, club lounge, bar and a number of large scale external spaces conceived as large ‘open’ spaces within the floor plate. The carefully considered outdoor spaces allow light to spill into the deep floor plate, and organically accommodate a range of planting typologies, including a full green wall, ponds, trees and an eternal flame

As a social venue, Club Five Dock offers a number of distinct design moods. A dark and sophisticated restaurant with a lowered roof creates an intimate dining experience. And stepped platforms throughout provide a contrasting balance, with diners and drinkers welcomed for a more casual experience. At the highest point of this floor plate sits the club lounge. With expansive views of the Sydney CBD, it provides an exceptionally relaxed way for visitors to unwind.

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