Completed Sydney Interior Design
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    Eastgardens, NSW Australia

Located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, ‘Bottega’ is a hair salon which embodies the essence of artistry and elegance.

Its name, borrowed from the Italian language, conveys the concept of a “studio of a master artist in which apprentices or students learn by participating in the work.”

A pebble-shaped window invites clients inside, where you’re welcomed by a fusion of textures and curves that define the salon’s design philosophy. A muted palette inspired by raw materials provides a refined backdrop, while soft, rounded sculptural elements embellish every corner.


Archways guide clients into hair wash bays, and the curved joinery mirrors the graceful sweep of the facade, creating a sense of continuity throughout the salon.

The chosen feature stone, Green Venus Frenzic marble, adorns the salon, while Jade Marble tiles underfoot create a sense of opulence.


Every detail, curve, and texture found within ‘Bottega’ elevates each visit into an experience where elegance and comfort coexist harmoniously.


Project Leadership
Jenny Yu


Jessica Borgeaud