Zhengzhou Senior’s Living Community

We’re thrilled to announce the completion of Stage 1 of the Zhengzhou Senior’s Living Community—a seamless fusion of culture, nature, and innovation. This groundbreaking project, strategically situated in the new district of Zhengzhou, spans a 13 hectars site area and features 3,000 Independent Living Units, Residential Care Facilities, a central Clubhouse, and a Hospital, all just 22km from the CBD.

The Central Clubhouse, a focal point of the development, showcases a feature façade designed to emulate the limestone of the local “Songshan” mountain range. This range, with profound spiritual significance to Taoism, the Shaolin monks, and as the birthplace of Zen Buddhism, serves as a cultural anchor, fostering a profound sense of community central to the project’s development.

Extensive research and development efforts by our teams in Australia and China have led to the creation of a customized series of glass-fibre reinforced concrete (GRC) shells. These shells elegantly wrap the internal program of the Clubhouse, embodying the organic forms and thoughtful planning that define the entire development. This careful integration ensures a cohesive continuation of the central concept throughout the project.

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